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Home Fire Proofing

How Monitored Fire Alarm Systems Keep Your Home SaferJuly 22, 2019

There are more than a million fires occurring in the United States every year. These can occur from a combination of things, including electric malfunctions, intentional arson, natural disasters (like lighting strikes), and human error (like tipping a candle). With such a high occurrence of fire-related disasters happening across the nation, homeowners want to ensure they are doing everything they can to prevent becoming a part of that statistic. One popular method of protecting homes against fires are monitored fire alarm systems.

How do Monitored Fire Alarm Systems Help?

A monitored fire alarm can help protect your home by ensuring that someone is always keeping an eye out for potential fires. If a fire alarm goes off in the house, a trained professional on the other end will immediately call your local fire department. This includes when you and your family are sleeping or not at home.

This call to the fire department occurs much faster than you would be able to call, because there is no wasted time looking for the phone, trying to put out flames, or getting out of the home first. That time saved means that the fire which triggered the alarm could potentially be put out before it even fully flames. What might have been the destruction of life or property could end up being nothing more than a fright or inconvenience.

Tips for Preventing Fires

Besides ensuring your home is protected with a monitored fire alarm system, here are a few useful tips that all homeowners can use to help prevents fires from ever occurring:

  • Before leaving the house, always double check that nothing was left plugged in (like a curling iron or hair dryer) and that the stove top or oven is off.
  • Clean your dryer lint filter often. Clogged lint systems in dryers are a major cause of fire outbreaks.
  • Never leave candles unattended, even if they are enclosed and “feel” safe.
  • Teach children about proper fire safety.
  • Never leave an open fireplace burning when you leave the house of go to sleep.
  • Keep outdoor grills and bonfire pits a safe distance from the exterior of your home. Bonfire pits should also be kept a safe distance from any trees.
  • Always clear dust from heating systems prior to use, whether attached (such as forced air heating) or unattached to the home.
  • Homeowners with central heat and air should have their systems cleaned at least biyearly, although yearly is preferred.
  • Never throw water on a grease fire, as this feeds the flames and causes the situations to become worse. If something on the stove top or in the oven catches fire and there is no fire extinguisher available, use flour on grease fires.


With more than a million fires occurring across the nation each year, it is imperative that homeowners take every step towards preventing a disaster of their own. Monitored fire alarm systems are one great way to do that. When combined with the additional tips listed above, monitored fire alarm systems can protect both families and property from fire-related disasters.

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