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Benefits of Setting up a Neighborhood Watch ProgramNovember 8, 2019

Incidences of theft, burglary and other crimes increase substantially at this time of the year. Although burglar bars and other devices can help reduce criminal activity in the suburbs, there is little else that is as effective as setting up an active neighborhood watch program. Below are just some of the benefits that will be experienced when neighbors look out for each other and their properties.

1. Get to Know Neighbors

A prime benefit of setting up a neighborhood watch program is that it allows everyone in a street or on the block to get to know each other. This not only makes for a friendlier suburb all round; it enables everyone to see if there are any newcomers to the area that may be planning to commit crime at any time. An added benefit of establishing a neighborhood watch group is that it will also help build a tremendous sense of community over time, which is extremely valuable.

2. Deter Criminal Elements

When everyone in a suburb or community looks out for each other’s properties, it can help reduce crime levels substantially because no would-be burglar wants their activities to be noticed. It’s a good idea to have signage installed on each property stating that the neighborhood watch is regularly patrolling in the area.

3. Prevent Potential Tragedies

A neighborhood watch is not only highly effective for preventing criminal activity from taking place; they can also be extremely handy when it comes to detecting other types of emergency situations such as flooding and runaway fires and ensure that the necessary actions are taken to prevent serious damage, injuries or even deaths from happening.

4. Feel Safer in your Home

A reliable and effective neighborhood watch has the ability to make you feel a lot safer in your home – even before a burglary or other criminal activity takes place. Being able to feel safe and secure in and around your home will also provide immense psychological benefits to your and your family because you will know that everyone in the area is looking out for everyone else all the time.

5. Learn Security and Safety Skills

Being part of an active neighborhood watch program can also enable everyone taking part in it to learn essential safety and security skills. Members can even enroll in basic first aid courses that will enable them to be of tremendous help in case of a medical emergency occurring. Over time, members will also be able to share their security-related knowledge with each other and advise each other on how to effectively secure their properties.

When used correctly by committed individuals and their families, a neighborhood watch program will go a long way in helping to reduce instances of criminal activity from taking place. In most cases, all it requires is for each neighbor to invest a few hours of their time and effort per week to keeping a close eye on the streets and properties around them.

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