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New Burglar Methods

New Ways Burglars are Scoping Your HouseMarch 9, 2017

Very rarely does someone just walking down the street make a last-minute decision to break into your house and rob you. In most cases, robberies and burglaries are planned – at least to a degree. Here are some of the ways in which burglars are checking you out along with a few ways to reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim.

#1 – They Check the Whole Neighborhood

Burglars don’t just pick one house and target it. In fact, they scope out the whole neighborhood long before they strike. They’ll dress up like repairmen or an average joe just out for a run, and they’ll quietly get a sense of how the neighborhood operates. Is there a neighborhood watch? Are these the homes of affluent people who are likely to stash away cash, jewelry, art, and other valuables? Do police patrol the streets at all hours of the day and night? These are things burglars take in before they decide to make you their next victim. Be vigilant, and keep watch on people who may not truly belong in your neighborhood.

#2 – They Look for Cover

Although you might build a privacy fence or plant high shrubbery to keep your nosy neighbors from seeing what happens when you host a barbecue, catch some sun, or swim in your pool, this is exactly what a burglar hopes to see. After all, if the neighbors can’t see you in your backyard, they certainly won’t see him breaking a window to enter your house and steal your valuables. If you have high shrubs or a privacy fence and you’ll be away for some time, be sure to ask a friend or family member to keep an eye on your property while you’re gone.

#3 – They’ll Scope Your Alarm System

Burglars have admitted to walking right up to the door of a potential victim’s home and ringing the doorbell pretending to be a salesman – just so they can see whether you have an alarm system installed. Your best option in this case, of course, is to install that alarm system. Once you’ve done so, make sure you place the company stickers on your windows and the signs in your yard. Often, this is all it takes to deter a burglar. Sounding the alarm just isn’t worth it to them, and they’d rather move on to the next home that doesn’t have an alarm system.

#4 – They Stalk You on Facebook

Although it might be tempting to post photos of your Caribbean vacation on Facebook every couple of hours, it’s better to avoid that temptation and wait until you’ve arrived back home. Burglars will go to great lengths to find out when you’re going to be away – and that’s doubly true if they’ve already chosen your home as their next target. They’ll stalk your Facebook profile, so set your privacy settings accordingly. Better yet, just avoid mentioning your vacation until you’ve already returned. This is the safest course of action.

Today’s burglars are very, very smart, and they’ll go to great lengths to plan their attacks. For this very reason, it’s important to know the methods via which they’ll scope you out without you even knowing. Follow the tips and advice here, and you’ll drastically reduce your odds of being their next victim.

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