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Video Surveillance

Outdoor Video Surveillance is the Ultimate in Home SafetyJuly 17, 2015

Nowadays, many home owners are finding that just having a burglar alarm system installed in their home is not enough to ensure the safety and security of their families. As a result, they are looking for other solutions that are not only practical, but that are also relatively affordable. One of the best solutions that have helped to provide additional peace of mind for numerous families is that of outdoor video surveillance.

A Potential Theft Deterrent

Burglars are habitual in that they tend to look for targets where they can obtain quick and easy access. This will also allow them to make a relatively fast getaway without the fear of being identified – unless spotted by a neighbor or other passer-by. However, when a would-be burglar stumbles across a property that has had surveillance cameras installed, he or she will think twice before striking, because the chances of being identified are extremely high.

Record Outdoor Activity

Most homes will have at least one or two areas that seem to remain dark and shadowy – regardless of how many outdoor lighting fixtures have been installed. Installing outdoor surveillance cameras will not only enable property owners to see what is going on around their homes during the day; most new cameras have been equipped with night vision modes of a high quality as well. This enables virtually all activity around the property to be monitored and recorded as clearly as possible.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

More and more insurance companies are becoming aware of how beneficial it is for home owners to have video surveillance cameras installed. As a result, property owners who have taken this additional step to safeguard their homes and families are able to negotiate many forms of discount on their household insurance premiums. When cameras have been installed and connected up to existing alarm systems, it can be possible to negotiate insurance discount deals of as much as 20%. However, in cases where the systems have been set up to record activity, discounts can be even higher.

Keep an Eye on Children at Play

Parents who work from home or who are simply too busy to keep a constant watch on their children as they play outdoors can benefit greatly from having video surveillance cameras installed. These devices will enable mom or dad to take note if a child gets injured while playing or if strangers approach to try and talk to the children, thinking that no other adults are present. It will also allow parents to ensure that their kids aren’t getting into any form of mischief while playing unsupervised.

Another benefit of home surveillance cameras is that they enable property owners to keep a watchful eye on pets while they are out at work. This provides greater peace of mind in knowing that, if they arrive home to find shredded plants or garden tools, they will know exactly who the culprit is! Home owners who would like to find out more about which video surveillance system will be best for them need to contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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