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Own a Business? Ensure That You Conduct Regular Scheduled Maintenance on Your Alarm SystemSeptember 29, 2014

Today’s crime rates are higher than ever before and business premises have become one of the most favored burglary targets. Although many company owners have invested in business alarm systems, few of them realize just how important it is to test and maintain these devices on a regular basis.

Prevent False Alarm Triggers

There is nothing more frustrating for an armed response company and a business owner than to deal with numerous false alarm triggers. This not only wastes a lot of time responding to unnecessary call outs; it also results in an alarm company no longer wanting to respond when your alarm activates. This will make your property a more appealing target for burglaries as well. If your business alarm system continues to activate for no apparent reason, it is time to have it thoroughly inspected so that necessary repairs and component replacements can be done.

Ensure that Insurance Remains Valid

These days, most insurance companies insist that a business premises must be monitored by an alarm system. However, in the event that a burglary occurs and your alarm system has malfunctioned or worse still, not activated at all, your insurance company will usually not be willing to honor any claims for losses. If any zones, infra-red passives or beams are not activating while the system is being tested, you will need to schedule a call-out with your alarm company’s technical division as soon as possible so that these issues can be attended to.

Protect your Assets

One of the main reasons for using business alarm systems is that they have been designed as a means of protection for property and stock. If your business has an alarm installed, you will be able to lock up your property each evening and know that it will be in the safe hands of your alarm company throughout the night or for the duration of a vacation season until your business re-opens its doors again. Most alarm companies will be willing to provide drive-by patrols on a regular basis as well, especially if they have numerous clients within a specified area.

How to Test your Business Alarm System

Although a noisy process, the easiest way to test your alarm system is to activate it and then walk through each section of the property that is covered by it. Once this has been done, you will need to find out from your alarm company if they received activation signals from each section. If signals are received from each section, then you can rest assured that the entire alarm system is in good working order. Your alarm should be tested approximately once a month or if you are closing for longer than a day or two at a time.

When choosing a business alarm system, it’s important to spend as much as your finances will comfortably allow. This will provide you with a high quality system that ensures adequate coverage when it is needed most.

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