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Prevent Break-ins at your Business Premises with These TipsApril 7, 2022

Being a business owner and managing its day-to-day operations have become more challenging than ever these days. Not only has the economy made it difficult to make ends meet; job losses and continually rising prices mean that your business is at a higher risk of being burgled as well.

If you want to ensure that your business is as protected as possible from potential burglaries, taking these steps will help you get started:

1. Decent Burglar Proofing is Crucial

In most cases, doors and windows will provide intruders with the easiest ways to access your property. As such, all of these should be thoroughly enclosed with well-made security gates and burglar proofing, including over non-opening windows. While this may not deter the most determined burglars, it will make it difficult and time-consuming for them to gain access – which will increase their chances of being spotted.

2. Install a Monitored Alarm System

Having a commercial alarm system installed and placing signage around your premises stating that a security company is monitoring it is one of the easiest ways to deter most burglars. Keep in mind though, that just having the alarm installed won’t be effective on its own. It must be used correctly and set appropriately at closing time and off-site monitoring is a must.

3. Secure Perimeter Fencing is Essential

Most burglars will search for targets that provide them with fast and easy access, meaning that a good perimeter fence or walls that have been topped with razor wire and/or electric fencing will help prevent illegal access to your business. When used alongside a monitored alarm system, fencing or walls will usually be one of the best ways to provide additional security.

4. Consider Hiring a Security Guard

If your premises are located in a high-risk area, hiring one or more security guards will go a long way in complementing existing measures such as a monitored alarm and decent perimeter fencing. When security guards are seen patrolling a property, it sends a message to would-be burglars that their activities will be noticed and that the necessary legal action will be taken before a crime can be committed.

5. Allow Large Dogs to Live on the Property

If your business property has sufficient outdoor space, having large dogs present can also be an excellent deterrent for most burglars. Many people exercise caution where large dogs are concerned, regardless of whether they’re actually vicious or not. It’s essential to train these dogs so that they don’t accept food or commands from anyone else other than you – otherwise they may not be as effective a deterrent as you’d initially hoped.

Having a commercial alarm system installed nowadays is far more affordable than most business owners realize, and its cost along with that of monitoring can often be claimed as a legitimate business expense during tax season as well. Contact our team today to find out more about providing additional security for your business in the form of a monitored alarm system.

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