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Prevent False Alarms at your Business PremisesSeptember 8, 2021

False alarm signals have become a huge problem for several businesses over the past few years – to the point where up to 95% of signals received by alarm companies and police departments are listed as being false. Over the course of a single year, this results in up to $2 billion of wasted time and resources.

Below are some ways in which you can help prevent as many false alarm signals as possible at your business premises.

1. Ensure that Employees Know How to Use the System

User error accounts for up to 85% of false alarm signals from businesses because many employees state that they have not been shown how to arm and disarm the alarm system correctly. This is especially true in cases where new employees are hired long after a system has been installed.

When installing a commercial alarm, business owners must ensure that all relevant employees are shown how to arm and disarm it as needed. It’s also crucial that employees be shown were panic buttons have been located, as this will not only enable them to be used in case of emergency; it will prevent them from being activated or bumped accidentally as well.

2. Keep Moving Objects Away from Sensors

Alarm sensors activate whenever they detect any form of movement, so it’s crucial to keep all moving objects away from them once the system has been armed. Items such as hanging signs, balloons, store decorations, curtains, fans and heaters that may have been left on will result in false signals being detected.

3. Test the System Regularly

Another cause of false commercial alarm activations is systems that malfunction. As such, most companies recommend that the entire system be tested once a month to ensure that everything is working, as it should. This will help determine is any specific sensors have gone faulty – which could be causing false signals to be sent out.

While regular testing is strongly recommended, you must always inform your alarm company before doing so. This will prevent them and law enforcement from reacting unnecessarily – in some cases, alarm companies may levy penalty fees if they aren’t informed ahead of time that you’ll be testing your system.

4. Have the Alarm System Inspected Annually

Although an alarm system may be working as intended, it’s recommended that qualified installation technicians inspect it once a year. This will allow them to determine whether specific components may be malfunctioning or if it’s time to upgrade the system as a whole. Alarm systems that are more than five years old may require upgrades to ensure that they continue providing the level of protection that’s needed at your business.

If the alarm at your business premises is continually sending out false signals or it’s simply not performing as well as it used to, contact our team today to schedule an appointment to have it inspected. Our technicians will be able to provide recommendations regarding whether to perform an upgrade to an existing setup or whether a full replacement will be needed.

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