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Why Choose Professional Home Security versus DIY?February 7, 2019

The market has recently become saturated with various do-it-yourself home security systems. Some of these are like professional alarm systems in that they use sensors to guard the primary entrances to your home. Others are different. Some are just dummy systems, meant to appear like a security system to deter intruders but really nothing more than a pretty decoration in terms of security. Others still protect only your door, with a family code to enter or exit.

These DIY home security options range in price but are typically cheaper than the installation fees and monthly billing options offered by professional home security systems. But sometimes spending a few extra dollars overall is well worth it. Here we explain why home security is one of those times.

Professional Installation Guarantees It Works

When a home security system is installed by a professional, you know it will work. If you aren’t mechanically inclined and try to install a DIY system, you may not complete everything properly.

Even if the DIY system has an active alarm, improper installation will render it useless. This is not only a waste of your money but could pose a real issue should the unfortunate event of a home robbery ever occur.

“Dummy” Options Aren’t Always Believable

Burglars are not as dumb as people would like to believe they are. In fact, some individuals do it for a living. As such, they can quickly figure out if that fake camera or deterrence sign staked into your front yard are real or not.

If dummy options are found to be false, burglars know they can enter your home without any serious risk of being caught. In the end, this amounts to the same as if your home weren’t secured at all.  If you really want to keep your home and family safe, then you need a real security system.

When real DIY systems are purchased, they are incredibly expensive. Sometimes they cost even more than professional systems, meaning DIY options that really work may not even be more cost-efficient.

Professional Systems Are Manned

The primary benefit of a professional security system is that they are “manned.” This means that someone is remotely keeping an eye on your property. If the alarm is triggered for any reason, a person at a remote location will receive notification so they can help you take the necessary steps to re-secure your home.

Usually, the security company will try once to call the primary contact on the account. This is set up on the day of installation. If nobody answers the phone, then the local police are notified and quickly dispatched to your residence. If you have a fire alarm or carbon monoxide alarm set up with your account, the security company can tell the difference and will dispatch the appropriate authorities.

As you can see, it is well worth the extra money to opt for professional home security systems. When compared to do-it-yourself options, professional systems are significantly more effective at keeping your home and family safe.

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