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New Parents Security

Reasons why New Parents Need Home SecurityApril 13, 2017

While we’d all like to think that the world around us is a safe place filled with genuinely caring people, the truth is that it’s hard to predict things that could possibly happen. That’s why it’s so important for new parents to invest in a good home security system – to keep an eye out for things that could potentially go wrong.

#1 – Peace of Mind from Motion Sensors

As a new parent, your primary goal in life is protecting your baby. As such, a home security system with motion sensors can provide you with unsurpassed peace of mind. Not only will you know if an intruder is in your home, but you’ll also be alerted if the family dog gets a little too close to your precious bundle of joy for your comfort. You can even set your home security system to start recording the very moment the motion sensor is activated.

#2 – Access to Immediate Medical Care

Having an infant can be scary. They can contract illnesses that are hard on their tiny bodies, and having a sick or injured baby at home is a nerve-wracking experience. While you can certainly dial 911 in an emergency, a home security system with an established medical emergency link is even better. All you have to do is push a button on an intercom or even on a necklace around your neck, and you’ll be instantly connected with a professional who will talk you through your crisis and send help in the meantime.

#3- Fire, Carbon Monoxide, and Radon Monitoring

Carbon monoxide and radon are both silent killers, and they’re almost impossible to detect without the appropriate technology. A comprehensive home security system includes monitored fire, carbon monoxide, and radon detection that can provide you with incredible peace of mind. Even if you experience a carbon monoxide leak in the dead of night, the alarm will sound to tell you to get out of your home– and help will be on the way before you even pick up the phone.

#4 – Protection for your Curious Toddler

As your new baby grows, he or she will grow more curious, too. An estimated 5000 small children are hurt each year after falling from windows. A home security system will sound an alarm if a window opens, even by your child, which can give you the precious time you need to rescue your little one before he or she is hurt. These same sensors can also protect your home from intruders.

#5 – Home Surveillance

Although parents would love to think they’ve hired the perfect babysitter or nanny, people aren’t always who we think they are – or who they claim to be. Home surveillance is a great way to give yourself peace of mind and protect your child. Some will allow you to watch videos once you’ve arrived home, but some will allow you to watch events as they’re occurring remotely as long as you have internet access.

As you can see, home security does much more than just keep burglars out of your home. It can protect your little one’s health – and his or her very life, too. Consider installing a comprehensive home security system before your new baby arrives, and you’ll enjoy incredible peace of mind from day one.


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