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Safe BBQ

How to Stay Safe when Barbecuing with FriendsSeptember 13, 2016

Although it seems only natural to get outside and have a great time, there are thieves and burglars who may use that opportunity to strike. Here are some ways to keep yourself and your family safe during the summer barbecue season.

#1 – Lock the Front Door

When you and your family are in the backyard grilling up all of your summertime favorites, you’re not in a position to keep an eye on what’s happening in the front yard – or even in the house, for that matter. Potential intruders could see you and your family outside having fun as the perfect opportunity to sneak in the front door and get away with your valuables. The best way to prevent this involves keeping your front door locked when you head out back. This way, you can set your mind at ease and focus on having fun.

#2 – Stay Alert

If you’re throwing a party for friends and family, it’s easy to miss small details while everyone’s having a good time. In fact, you might not even notice someone walking into your home and walking back out with your jewelry. Parties are always fun, especially when you’re surrounded by people you know and love. All too often, people will go to great lengths to “fit in” and even mingle with others until the time is right to walk through the door and grab anything of value. Stay alert at all times, though, and if you don’t know someone, be sure to say something.

#3 – Join the Neighborhood Watch

If you live in a community with a neighborhood watch, be sure that you use that to your advantage. Join the watch, attend the meetings, and discuss the need to remain diligent throughout the summer months. When you can rely on your neighbors to keep an eye on your property for you when you aren’t home or when you’re out in the backyard entertaining, the odds that someone will slip in and back out unnoticed diminish greatly. It also helps ensure that anyone who is brave enough to try gets caught red-handed.

#4 – Install Indoor Security Cameras

Finally, you should consider installing indoor security cameras, especially if you spend a lot of time away from home or even outside. This way, you have a log of everyone who enters and exits your home should something turn up missing. In some cases, simply having security cameras in sight is enough to deter someone from trying to take your property. A security system may also save you money on your homeowner’s insurance, which can offset some of the cost associated with its installation.

Summer is filled with warm weather, barbecues, and poolside fun in the sun. It could also be the time when thieves target your home once they know you’re out of the house – even if you’re only in the backyard. Follow the tips above so that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy time together without worrying about unwanted guests.


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