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Securing your Business during Upcoming Holiday ClosuresDecember 7, 2020

As several businesses prepare to close over the upcoming holiday season, it means that a number of commercial properties will be standing unoccupied for anywhere between a few days and a few weeks at a time. This often provides ideal opportunities for burglaries to occur. Below are a few steps that can be taken to help protect your commercial property until such time as you reopen after the holiday season.

1. Install a Good Quality Video Surveillance System

When having CCTV systems installed, too many business owners make the mistake of opting for the cheapest prices they can find. However, this will result in them being provided with cameras that aren’t able to provide clear footage and systems that are prone to malfunction.

Before closing up for the holidays, ensure that existing surveillance systems have been correctly optimized – that is, checking that cameras are facing in the correct directions and working properly and that the hard drive being used to record activity has a sufficient amount of storage space on it to last throughout your closure.

If possible, opt for a cloud-based security system. This will allow you to view your property from anywhere that has an internet connection, and you’ll even be able to zoom in on any activity that may be taking place.

2. Consider using Access Control

Another way to help keep tabs on activities at your business premises during the holiday shutdown is to have an access control system installed.

If you’re closing completely, this system will allow you to turn off all access to the property until such time as you reopen. In cases where employees are on standby, access control will enable you to see when they enter and leave the premises as well. Again, a cloud-based system will let you access the information from your access control system from anywhere.

3. Ensure that your Alarm System is Working Properly

These days, simply having an alarm system installed is not enough to ensure that your commercial property will be protected against unlawful entry during holiday closures. Your alarm system must be thoroughly tested before closure and it also needs to be connected to your local alarm company and/or other emergency service providers.

If your alarm system has been programmed to turn on and off automatically during regular working hours, ensure that this information is updated so that it can remain armed while your business is closed. Opting for a cloud-based system will allow you to see what is taking place at your commercial property while it’s closed for business as well – regardless of where you’ll be spending your vacation time.

Having all of the above mentioned preventative measures in place before you shut down for the holidays will help provide you with much-needed peace of mind in knowing that your business will be closely monitored while you enjoy some much-needed family time. If you would like to find out more about having a commercial alarm installed or upgraded, contact our team today.

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