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Snow Birds

Ways Snow Birds Can Protect their Home When they’re Out of TownSeptember 11, 2017

While snow birds often look forward to going south for the winter, one thing they do dread is leaving their home unprotected. With a few precautions, these individuals can have peace of mind knowing their primary residence is well protected.

Find a Reliable House Sitter

The importance of a reliable house sitter cannot be overstated. Having someone who can look after your property on a regular basis will make it less obvious your property is vacant. Some things your house sitter can do to provide that “lived in” appearance include:

  • Moving your vehicle occasionally (if you leave it behind), or leaving their own automobile parked in your driveway overnight.

  • Shoveling snow as soon as there is any accumulation. This is important, as one thing burglars look for are fresh footprints on sidewalks or tire tracks on driveways that are covered with snow. An absence of these things indicates that no one is present.

  • Changing the direction of your blinds occasionally so they are partially open or closed. Leaving your blinds fully closed all the time will keep people from seeing in, but is also a telltale sign that you are away.

Use a Timer for Lights

Your house sitter cannot be there all the time, in which case you should use a timer to turn your lights on and off randomly. The idea is to keep people guessing whether or not someone is home without running your electric bill up too high. You may even use a timer for your Christmas lights if you only plan to be gone during the holidays.

Add Motion Sensors Outdoors

Make sure the lights near your front and back doors contain motion sensors. That way, anyone who approaches will not be able to hide under the cover of darkness. If you have any windows that are especially vulnerable to entry, you may want to place motion sensors near them as well.

Upgrade Security Hardware

Before leaving for the winter, consider upgrading the locks on your doors if they are in poor condition. It can also be a good idea to install bars on your windows or a locking mechanism on sliding glass doors to make them harder to break into. Even simple alarms that notify you when a window is opened might be enough to scare off would-be intruders.

Install a Security System

Even after performing all of the above tasks, your home may not be completely safe. As an added measure of protection, you may want to install a security system. Some can be turned on and off remotely, allowing you to control their features from wherever you are. In the event of a break-in, local authorities will be contacted on your behalf. You will also be notified so you can begin the process of filing an insurance report if necessary.

The idea behind going somewhere warm during the winter is to enjoy yourself, not to worry about damage to your property. Keep these things in mind to improve security and decrease the odds of a break-in during your time away.


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