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Protecting your Home

How Social Media can Impact your Home Insurance PolicySeptember 12, 2019

When going on vacation locally or overseas, it can be tempting to keep friends and family members updated by sharing photos of your activities and locations on social media. However, insurance companies are sending out strong reminders that any claims made against home insurance policies could be rejected if it has been found that clients had posted photos on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms to advertise the fact that they had been on vacation.

Can Insurance Companies Deny Claims in this way?

These days, most insurance companies have included a clause in their paperwork stating that clients are required to take ‘reasonable care’ with regards to safeguarding their homes and possessions. This means that if vacation photos have been posted online while you aren’t home, it can provide information to criminals regarding the fact that your property is standing unoccupied. As a result, it’s crucial to think long and hard before sharing those vacation photos.

Owing to the fact that more and more homeowners are now in the habit of posting vacation photos online, more insurance companies are now using this clause to challenge any claims for incidents that took place while the property was standing vacant.

Does a Link Exist between Social Media, Vacations and Burglary?

Many insurers are beginning to think that there may be a link between these events, especially when recent statistics revealed that as many as one out of 12 burglaries that were reported took place while homeowners were on vacation. As a result, insurance companies are strongly recommending that property owners take the following precautions when preparing to go on vacation:

1. Restrict your social media profiles by using available privacy settings. For instance, only allow people on your contact list to view photos and status updates.

2. Scan through the contacts on your social media profiles regularly. If any appear that you aren’t familiar with or that you don’t trust fully, remove them.

3. Ensure that all location services are fully disabled on social media accounts.

4. Search yourself and immediate family members online to see if any personal or sensitive information is being revealed anywhere.

5. Ensure that information such a contact numbers; physical address, birth dates, work details and other personal information are not visible on your profiles.

Additional Tips to Keep your Home Safe

1. Before going on vacation, stop as much mail as possible – or alternatively, have a friend or trusted neighbor collect it for you each day. A full mailbox is usually a sure sign of a property that’s not occupied.

2. If you don’t have a home alarm system, consider having one installed. This will enable your property to be monitored 24/7 while you’re away.

If you would like to find out more about keeping your home safe while you’re on vacation or you need further information regarding having a home alarm system installed, contact our team right away. We look forward to being able to work with you.


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