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Spring is Here – Now Might Be a Good Time to Schedule an Audit on Your Alarm SystemMarch 24, 2015

During the winter months, most families spend a lot more time at home simply because the weather is often too unpleasant to be outdoors or travel anywhere. This results in many house alarms not being used as often as they are during spring and summer – which is why it is strongly recommended that an audit be performed on every home alarm system at this time of the year.

Test Outdoor Beams and Sensors

Colder temperatures and conditions such as snow, sleet, heavy rainfall and ice can all affect outdoor alarm sensors and beams to the point where they either malfunction or no longer operate at all. Not only can this be annoying when the alarm needs to be set before vacating the house; it can result in a property being an attractive target for burglaries to take place. It is also recommended that outdoor beams and sensors be periodically inspected for signs of insect infestation, as ants and small lizards usually favor these spots for breeding purposes during cold weather.

Replace Batteries in Wireless Devices

Many home owners forget that in most cases, smoke detectors form part of a home alarm system. Newer alarm systems may also consist of wireless motion sensor devices that rely on battery power to function as well. As a result, home owners should replace the batteries in these devices once a year to ensure that they function properly and provide full coverage of their properties in the event that they are away from them for any length of time. Once batteries have been replaced in all devices, they should be tested to ensure that they are working properly.

Remind Everyone How to Use the Home Alarm System

If something is not used in a while, family members will forget how to operate it – and a home alarm system is certainly no exception to this rule. At least once a year, it is strongly recommended that everyone in the family be given a refresher course on how to arm and disarm the alarm system and how to activate panic buttons in case of an emergency. An evacuation drill should be practiced at the same time to ensure that everyone knows how to get out of the house safely and quickly in case of a fire breaking out. If there are young children or elderly people in the house, it is important that this be taken into consideration when devising the evacuation plan.

If a home alarm system seems to be malfunctioning in any way, the security company that is monitoring it should be informed immediately. In most cases, they will send a team of technicians out to diagnose the fault and perform the necessary repairs to it. Once the alarm system is fully functional after being tested and repaired, home owners can once again enjoy complete peace of mind in knowing that their families and possessions are being taken care of.

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