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Summer Crime

With Summer Here Now – Crime Rates are Usually UpJuly 12, 2017

With summer here now, it’s not only essential that you trim the bushes and shrubs around your home and weed the garden beds; now is the time to ensure that you have the correct security measures in place as well since crime rates tend to skyrocket during the summer. This will help ensure that you and your family are as well-protected as possible while you’re enjoying all those great summer nights!

Deter Potential Criminals

Over the past few years, burglary rates have risen dramatically around the country, with more than 2 million burglaries being reported annually since 2010. Burglars who have been interviewed regarding their methods have also revealed that it often takes them less than 60 seconds to gain entry into most homes. As a result, installing a home alarm system and better quality locks on doors and windows will make it more difficult for intruders to gain entry. In most cases, deterrents like these will result in would-be burglars moving on to an easier target.

Obtain Discount on your Home Insurance

Installing a monitored alarm system not only helps deter burglars; most insurance companies are willing to offer you a substantial discount on your home’s insurance premiums as well. Statistics have revealed that you could save anywhere between 15% and 20% off of your insurance premium when having a monitored alarm system installed. This discount is offered because having the monitored alarm system makes it less likely that your home will be burgled at any time.

Give your Family the Peace of Mind they Deserve

The act of simply having a monitored alarm system installed in your home will provide you and your family with complete peace of mind in knowing that your prized possessions are safe – regardless of whether you are at home or not. In addition, if you have elderly parents who live with you or children who may need to be at home alone during some afternoons while you are at work, you will be able to rest assured that help can be summoned within seconds should anything happen to go wrong. These days, your alarm system can not only be used to summon the police; other emergency services such as an ambulance or even a fire response crew can be contacted in case of emergency.

Remotely Control your Home

Another reason why now is the right time to plan security for your home is the fact that it can help you control various aspects such as heating, cooling, lighting and so much more from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. If you have opted to have security cameras installed around your home, you can even view the live feeds from them while you are not at home.

After deciding to install a home alarm system, don’t make the mistake of trying to get the cheapest price possible. This could result in a lower quality system being installed, which may not be able to offer as much protection as needed. If you would like to find out more about the security systems and services we provide, contact us today.


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