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Summer Safety Tips for Business OwnersJuly 7, 2021

Providing a workplace that is safe for employees and customers is of utmost importance for business owners, regardless of whether they operate seasonally or all year round. Below are some tips to help business owners ensure that workplace safety remains a priority.

1. Test the Alarm System

Dealing with COVID19 restrictions, reduced employee numbers and other industry-related issues have caused several business owners to forget about having their commercial alarm systems tested regularly. In many cases, insurance companies will no longer pay out for claims if a commercial alarm system that has malfunctioned has not been tested or serviced.

It’s strongly recommended that all parts of n alarm system be tested at least once a month to ensure that they’re working properly.

2. Remain Alert

Although summer brings a sense of relaxation, crime is something that always remains a possibility. As such, business owners should remain alert and ensure that employees have been trained to look for signs of abnormal behavior among customers – such as the customer who is wearing a large, baggy coat on one of the warmest days of the year, for instance.

For instance, potential shoplifters may loiter for quite a while before making their move and exiting your shop front in a hurry. Employees should always be on the lookout for loiterers and abnormally large crowds of people, and know how to activate the emergency alarm system if needed.

3. Consider Providing First Aid Training

Owners of small and large businesses should have at least one employee per operating shift that is able to administer basic first aid in case of emergency. This will not only provide employees with peace of mind if they require urgent medical assistance; customers who experience a medical emergency while in your premises will also be able to get the help they need until emergency services arrive to take over.

Although first aid training may seem costly, business owners should keep in mind that it can usually be classified as a legitimate business expense when tax season arrives.

4. Don’t Overlook Basic Housekeeping

A storefront or office environment that is messy doesn’t just deter customers from returning; clutter can pose serious safety risks for employees as well. As such, each employee should be responsible for keeping the area around their workspaces free of clutter and items such as broken printers, empty shipping boxes and other junk items should be discarded or sent for recycling and equipment that is not used regularly should be stored in a safe location.

While it may seem like a hassle to implement the above-mentioned measures, doing so will help ensure that your business premises is not only a safe place for customers; you’ll be providing a workplace for your employees that is a pleasure to spend time in. If you would like to find out more about upgrading the existing commercial alarm system at your business premises or have a new setup installed, contact our team to schedule an appointment today.

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