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Surveillance Cameras

Why Surveillance Cameras at your Home or Business are a MustJuly 12, 2017

With regards to home or business security, many property owners think that having a monitored alarm system will be sufficient to deter burglaries and other illicit activities. However, over the past few years, rising crime rates have resulted in more people than ever seeing the benefits of installing surveillance cameras in their homes or business premises.

Deter Crime

Research has shown that residential and business neighborhoods that have had camera systems installed have far fewer instances of burglaries than those where no surveillance systems installed. In most cases, criminals who see that their activities are being monitored and possible recorded for future reference will leave the area to find a more appealing target instead. Installing cameras around your home or business provides a clear indication to burglars that you have taken precautions to protect what belongs to you as well.

Provide Hard Evidence in the Event of Burglary

In the rare even that your home or business is burgled after cameras have been installed, they will enable you to view footage regarding who the culprits were. However, this is provided that you have had your cameras set up to record footage. If you have hired a housekeeper or childminder who will be in your home while you are out at work, you will be able to log into most of the newer camera systems and remotely view footage of what is taking place while you are not around. The same applies in the event of hiring new employees or if you suspect that an existing employee may be stealing or not performing the duties they were hired to do.

Not only will you be able to view camera footage if your system has been set up correctly; in the event of a burglary or other undesirable incident taking place, you will be able to provide the police or other authorities with clear evidence, which can in turn be used in court if required.

Protect your Employees

Another reason why surveillance cameras have become essential is that they enable you to provide your employees with a level of protection that wasn’t previously available. For example, installing cameras in your company’s parking lot or garage can help employees feel safer as they walk to their vehicles at night or they can even be used to record footage in the event of employee harassment taking place during working hours. Cameras can also help record who enters and leaves your premises during working hours, so you can determine whether any unauthorized persons have been there while you have been away.

When installing security cameras, it’s essential that you outlay as much as you can comfortably afford. This will ensure that you are provided with high quality cameras that will help you (and the police where appropriate) make a positive identification in the event of a burglary taking place. If you would like to find out more about having a surveillance camera system installed at your home or place of work, contact our friendly sales team today.


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