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Things to do After a Home BurglaryApril 22, 2015

Dealing with the aftermath of a home burglary is a traumatic experience for everyone involved. Although material possessions can normally be replaced, families often have to deal with the inconvenience and risk of having personal documents such as credit card information, social security numbers and other confidential information stolen during a burglary as well. It is recommended that the tips below be implemented as soon as possible after a break-in.

Inform the Police and Insurance Company

Upon arriving home and discovering that you have been burgled, it is essential to contact the police and your insurance company as quickly as possible. The sooner the police are notified about the incident, the higher the chance of recovering some of your possessions and arresting any suspects will be. As soon as the police have been informed, you need to let your insurance company know what has happened and what has been stolen so that it can begin the process of helping you to replace your stolen goods.

Install a Home Alarm System

Nowadays, having a residential alarm system installed is a relatively quick and simple process. In most cases, a sales representative will pay a visit to your home to determine the level of protection and coverage you require. He or she will then present you with the available options, which will enable you to choose the right home alarm system for your family’s needs. After making your choice, a team of technicians will install your new alarm system and ensure that it is 100% functional before leaving your home.

Identify Weak Points in Your Home’s Security

In most cases, it is quite easy to see which part of the house a burglar has used to gain access. Among the most popular spots are usually doors and windows that do not have burglar bars and security gates installed on them. However, there have been instances where burglars have managed to gain easy access through a roof or even an outdoor air-conditioning unit. Once the weak points of entry have been identified, they should be strengthened in such a way that it makes it a lot more difficult or even impossible for a burglar to gain entry there again.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

To reduce the chances of having a burglary occur again, it is strongly recommended that everyone living in an area gets to know each other. This will not only create a tremendous sense of community in that everyone can look out for each other if someone is away; it will also make it a lot easier to identify newcomers or strangers to the neighborhood. When a would-be burglar realizes that everyone in an area knows everyone else and that their moves are being carefully monitored, chances are that he or she will quickly move on to find a more lucrative and easier target instead.

Once your home alarm system has been installed, it is essential to teach everyone in the house how to use it. This will ensure that in the event of an emergency or home invasion, each member of the family will know exactly what to do in order to remain as safe as possible.


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