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Tips to Ensure Someone Can’t Easily Kick your Home Door in During a Break InMay 18, 2016

Arriving home to discover that there has been a break-in is one of the most traumatic things for property owners to experience. While it may be impossible to guarantee that you will never experience a burglary, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that it will be as difficult as possible for a would-be burglar to kick your house door in to gain unlawful entry into your home.

Install Good Lighting

Most burglars have stated that one of the main aspects that put them off of breaking into a property is when it is well-lit all around. Installing good lighting around your doorways will not only help illuminate them; it will ensure that all but the most determined of burglars will be deterred from trying to gain entry to your home by kicking the door in. When choosing lighting, it is recommended that weatherproof outdoor LED fixtures be used, as these will provide far more light than other types and they will last longer. Lights should also be installed high enough that they cannot be tampered with.

Use Solid Exterior Doors

Many home owners make the mistake of installing the cheapest exterior doors they can find. However, back and front doors provide an easy access point into your home, especially if they are of the hollow core variety. These doors should be replaced with solid wood or metal doors, as this will make it far more difficult for anyone to kick them down. Although glass panels on a door can make it look attractive, you should steer away from using them because they also render a door extremely vulnerable.

Reinforce the Door and Jamb

Most exterior doors aren’t able to withstand one or two firm kicks because of how they have been installed – in most cases; there isn’t more than an inch of wood securing the strike plate into place. Nowadays, most hardware stores sell door reinforcement kits that consist of plates that help provide additional strength to door locks, frames and hinges. These will make it as challenging as possible for a would-be burglar to gain access to your home by kicking a door down, meaning that they may move on to another target instead.

Use Decent Locks and Bolts

Along with using solid exterior doors, it is imperative that you install high quality locks and deadbolts on them as well. Always ensure that you purchase branded locks and deadbolts that have been rated as highly as possible for their level of quality. When installing these items, it is imperative that you use high quality screws and/or nuts and bolts to install them as well – they should be long enough to go into the wood for at least a half inch or preferably a little deeper, as this will ensure that they hold their ground as much as possible.

Ensuring that your home’s exterior doors are as durable as possible will go a long way in helping to protect your family and possessions in the event of an attempted burglary or home invasion.

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