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Vacation Checklist

A Vacation Checklist to Keep Your Home Safe When You Are GoneJuly 29, 2014

It’s easy to daydream about those exotic locations and destinations when planning your family vacation. However, it’s also important to remember at the same time that, while you are away from home, the local criminals will most certainly not be taking a break. This is why it is crucial to ensure that you plan a vacation checklist regarding the necessary security measures in and around your home before even closing the final zipper on that travel case.

See that Doors and Windows are Secure

This is probably the easiest item to attend to on your vacation checklist. Ensure that windows in all rooms of the house have been properly latched and secured and see that all doors are locked before leaving on your trip. Upstairs windows and doors should not be an exception to this rule, as a desperate burglar will use virtually any available access point. This will not only help prevent false triggers from your home alarm system if you have one; it will also make it a lot more difficult for a would-be burglar to gain access into your home.

Ensure that your Home does not Look Neglected

Long grass, a neglected garden, an overfull mailbox and a pile of daily newspapers on a house’s front porch are all giveaway signs that nobody has been at home for quite a while. These are usually the ideal signs which indicate to your neighborhood burglar that your home will probably be an ideal target for robbery. Instead of letting the weeds take over your lawn while you are away, have a reliable neighbor or friend pop in to mow your lawn and collect your mail on a regular basis so that there is at least some activity in and around your home.

Do not use Timers

These days, any seasoned burglar will know to watch a target property for at least a day or two before breaking in. If he or she notices that lights or other features in and around the home have a habit of activating at exactly the same time each day while there seems to be no other human activity, chances are that your home will move to the top of the burglar’s target list. Encourage house sitters, friends or family members to vary their routines when visiting your property to feed pets or collect mail.

Test your Alarm System Thoroughly

Most alarm companies recommend that your home alarm system be tested at least once a month. However, if you are going away, it is highly recommended that a full alarm test be added to your vacation checklist. This will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your home will be closely monitored while you are away. Testing your alarm a week or two before going on vacation will also leave you with enough time to have the necessary repairs or alterations performed on it beforehand.

Implementing these simple measures in good time will help ensure that your home and the valuable items inside it remain secure while you and your family are enjoying yourselves on a much-needed vacation trip.

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