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Home Invasion Tips

What to Do To Protect Your Family during a Home InvasionMay 27, 2015

Dealing with a home invasion is probably one of the most traumatic experiences for a family to go through, especially if there are young children involved. As a result, it is important to ensure that everything possible is done to try and protect your family in the event of this happening in your home. Here are a few ways in which you can help ensure that your most precious possessions – namely, your family members – stay as safe as possible.

Remain Calm

This is probably one of the most important things to do after noticing that your home has been invaded by intruders who are more than likely armed in some way. In many cases, intruders will demand to know how many people are in the house. At this time, it is recommended to try and negotiate with the intruders to have everyone who is in the house brought into one room. This will not only help keep children as calm as possible; it will help ensure that each member of the family is still safe and accounted for. If you have dogs, it may be necessary to gather them in the room with your family as well.

Hand Over Valuables

Although it is extremely difficult to simply hand over valuable or sentimental items to an intruder, this is usually your best course of action if you and your family want to avoid being harmed in any way. In most cases, intruders are looking for electronic gadgets, jewelry, phones or even vehicles in more extreme circumstances. Regardless of how sentimental you may think a particular item is – such as a piece of heirloom jewelry – it can never be as valuable as the lives of your loved ones, especially in a case like this.

Activate Panic Alarms with Caution

Many panic alarms are connected to the siren of a main alarm system. While you do stand a chance of sending intruders running at the sound of a siren, you also stand an excellent chance of them deciding to harm you or another family member if they are startled in any way. However, if you know that your panic alarm system is silent and there is an opportunity to activate it without being noticed by the intruder(s), it can be a good idea to set it off. Not only will you stand a good chance of getting help quickly; you stand to have your possessions recovered quickly as well in the event of an arrest being made.

One of the best ways to avoid having to experience a home invasion is to ensure that doors are kept locked – especially at night. Windows that are left open should be secured with burglar proofing to help prevent easy access by would-be intruders as well. In the event that you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a home invasion, it is also recommended that you seek trauma counseling afterwards, as it will help you deal with the experience.

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