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Why a Home Alarm is the Most Important Investment you Can MakeOctober 10, 2017

When you think about investments, your mind naturally conjures up portfolio images. Even so, there are multiple other investment opportunities such as installing an alarm system. A home security system protects you in more ways than one, and here are just a few we thought were worth mentioning.

Safeguards your Most Important Assets: Your Family

Physical assets, regardless of their monetary value, are never more important than family. Of course, that goes for the four-legged members of your family, who must rely on you to keep them safe from fire or other hazards.

When you install a secure system, what you are really doing is protecting your loved ones by reducing the odds of a home invasion. This is especially important if you have shut-ins who would likely be inside if a burglary were to occur. After all, break-ins become potentially more deadly if someone is at home when they take place.

Carbon monoxide poisoning claims an estimated 430 lives per year in the United States. Known as a “silent killer”, carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Since there are few warning signs, a home security system is often the best line of defense against carbon monoxide leaks.

Protects Valuable Personal Property

A home is the single largest purchase you will ever make. As such, it only makes sense to protect it with a security system. Not only will you prevent damage, but you will also be safeguarding electronics, furniture, jewelry, guns, and other valuables against theft. Having a home alarm is especially important if you have antiques, family heirlooms, collectibles, or other similar items that hold a great deal of sentimental value.

Burglars are not the only threat you need to worry about. Water, storm, or fire damage can easily destroy property as well. This is another area in which an alarm system can come in handy. By providing early notification, a security system can help you avoid unnecessary damage in the event an unfortunate situation arises.

Saves you Money

You may not think about it, but the cost savings associated with a home security system are an investment in themselves. With an alarm system, you can save in a number of ways such as lower insurance rates and energy savings. You could take that extra money and use it toward a vacation, home improvement, or add it to your retirement fund.

Increases Your Home’s Value

Homes with an alarm system tend to sell faster and for more money. This means you will also be building equity that you could later borrow against to pay for college expenses or a major purchase such as a car, boat, or motorcycle.

By installing a home security system, you are actually making a smart investment for a number of reasons. Stop thinking of security alarms as an extra expense and consider the ways in which they help you invest in your future. Once you do, you will no doubt think of other reasons why they are a sound investment as well.


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