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Why a Neighborhood Watch is Not Just for Residential Neighborhoods – It Can Work for Businesses Too!August 26, 2014

When people hear the words ‘neighborhood watch,’ they tend to only associate it with suburban neighborhoods or other types of residential areas. However, it has been proven many times over that this concept can indeed be adopted in industrial and other business districts with great success as well. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider starting some form of neighborhood watch system in the area that your business premises are in.

Help Reduce Crime Rates

Numerous studies have shown that forming an active neighborhood watch system in any type of area is one of the best ways to reduce crime levels substantially because it encourages everyone in the area to look out for one another as well as each other’s property. For example, if a business owner sees a suspicious person lurking among the business properties that has not been seen in the area before, he or she can immediately alert the rest of the business owners in the area to the incident. In most cases, potential criminals will quickly decide to move on before committing a crime if they know that their actions are being observed by multiple members of the community.

Receive Training and Quicker Response from Law Enforcement

If numerous business owners have formed a neighborhood watch group, chances are that suspicious activities will be noticed far quicker. This enables the appropriate law enforcement agencies to be alerted the moment a community member notices that something out of the ordinary is taking place. In most instances, the criminals will be caught before they have had the opportunity to commit their intended crimes. Many law enforcement agencies will also be more than willing to offer hints, tips and even basic training to community members who would like to start their own community watch programs. This can be done by means of having regular meetings and update sessions.

Tips to Remember when Starting your Neighborhood Watch Program

Although these programs are put in place to help reduce or even eliminate crime levels in an area, it is important to remember that no member of a community watch program is allowed to take the law into his or her own hands at any time. Not only can this result in severe personal injury if something should go wrong; it can also result in a case not going to trial if the incorrect steps have been taken when making citizen arrests. All members of a community watch program will also need to ensure that they follow all instructions given to them by law enforcement officials with regards to what is permitted when it comes to the apprehending of suspects and preventing crime in the area.

In order to have a successful community watch program, it is important to ensure that all members are committed to doing their part, as this will be the only way to help keep your working neighborhood as safe as the one that you live in.

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