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Why Crime Levels are Higher During the Summer MonthsAugust 16, 2021

With summer in full swing, this means that most families will be spending as much time as possible at the beach, out on hiking trails or engaging in many other exciting activities away from home. Research has revealed that while this is generally the most fun time of the year for many people, it is also when crime rates in most neighborhoods tend to experience a significant spike.

A report that was released by the Department of Justice a few years ago, which indicated that there was a definite connection between the warmer months of summer and increased rates of crime. A prime example of this is housebreaking rates that average 11% higher during summer than in winter.


One of the main reasons why instances of burglary tend to increase during summer is convenience, and it’s obvious why. During warmer weather, more households leave windows and doors open in an attempt to reduce electricity bills, air the various rooms out as much as possible, while winter often sees homes being closed up tight to prevent drafts and keep the family as warm as possible.

In many families, summer will also signal the use of outdoor toys such as bicycles, trampolines, skateboards and scooters that are often stored in the garage – which will now be left open for easier access during vacation. All an opportunistic thief or burglar needs is less than five minutes to make off with any of these toys, tools or other items that can now be easily accessed.

In short, the longer and warmer days will result in more people being out and about at this time of year – which will lead to instances of burglaries and thefts increasing.

Tips to Keep your Home and Family Safe

  • Although it can be tempting to leave house windows or even a back door open while you head out for the day, this makes it far easier for a burglar to access your property. Always ensure that doors are closed and locked and windows are securely latched. If a window has to be left open for your pet, consider installing a burglar guard that’s large enough for the animals to get through, but too small for a person
  • Keep all lower level windows closed while asleep at night
  • Install a residential alarm system that will send notifications to your phone wherever you are away for any length of time
  • Don’t leave garage or shed doors standing open for indefinite periods of time – observant passers-by will quickly notice if you do
  • Ensure that kids’ outdoor toys and gardening tools are securely packed away after use – what cannot be seen cannot be wanted by would-be burglars

Having a residential alarm system installed is more affordable than most homeowners realize nowadays. If you would like to provide your family with the level of protection they deserve and ensure that your possessions are safeguarded at the same time, contact us today to discuss the various security system options we can provide.

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