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Why do so Many Homeowners Wait to Install an Alarm System?March 8, 2018

Alarm systems are items that homeowners seldom give much thought to – to the point where they will normally only have a unit installed if they have fallen victim to a burglary or other type of crime. Here are some of the most common reasons why so many homeowners put off installing alarm systems nowadays.

#1 – They think it will cost too much

This is usually the most common excuse given by homeowners when asked why they haven’t invested in a monitored security system yet. However, these days, it has become possible to have a high quality home alarm system installed for a few hundred dollars at most.

In cases where homeowners are not able to pay the full price of an alarm system upfront, many alarm companies will now provide a system free of charge or at minimal cost if a long-term monitoring contract is signed with them. These contracts are usually extremely affordable and can start from as low as $30 per month. This is a small price to pay when considering that the average family loses upward of $2,000 worth of possessions during a burglary.

#2 – They feel it would be too difficult or inconvenient to use

Another reason why so many homeowners haven’t installed alarm systems is that they feel that these units would either be too difficult for them to use. Several of them feel that it will be a tremendous inconvenience to have to arm and disarm the alarm system each time they leave the house or get home from work as well.

Although it may seem inconvenient to bother with arming and disarming a home alarm system, the few extra seconds it takes to do so could prevent a home from being burgled – most intruders will not bother trying to access a home if they know a monitored alarm system has been installed because they know that there is a strong chance of them being arrested.

#3 – They think that they will end up being watched

Several property owners are under the impression that having a monitored alarm system in their home means that the alarm company will monitor their activities. However, this is not the case. When a home alarm system is classified as being monitored, it simply means that the alarm company will be notified in the event of a trigger being received. If the system is connected to smoke detectors, the local fire department will be notified in the event of smoke or excess heat being detected.

With a home being burgled every 15 seconds throughout the country, it has become more crucial than ever to have a monitored alarm system installed in your home. Before having a unit installed, it is also essential that an accredited alarm company that only hires employees with clean records perform the work. If you would like to find out just how affordable it is to have a monitored home alarm system installed, get in touch with our team today.


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