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Why Spring is the Right Time to Check your Home Alarm SystemMarch 19, 2020

Most families spend a lot more time at home during winter because the weather tends to be too miserable to travel anywhere or spend time outdoors. This results in several home alarm systems not being used as often as they are in spring and summer. As a result, spring becomes the ideal time for you to perform a complete check on your home alarm system to ensure that it will still provide the coverage you need to keep your family safe.

1. Check Wireless Devices and Replace their Batteries

Property owners often forget that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors form part of a home alarm and security system. Many of the modern alarm systems also consist of wireless motion sensors that require batteries to function properly.

It’s strongly recommended that all batteries in wireless devices be replaced once a year, as this will allow them to continue functioning and providing protection for your family and property. After all batteries have been replaced, the entire alarm system, along with smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors should be tested to ensure that they are still working properly. If any units malfunction at this time, they should be replaced immediately.

2. Test Outside Sensors and Perimeter Beams

Cold and inclement weather can cause alarm beams and sensors to malfunction or even stop working completely. This is not only frustrating; it could result in your property becoming a highly lucrative target for burglaries to occur while you and your family are out.

It’s also strongly recommended that you perform a visual inspection of all outdoor sensors and perimeter beams, as insects and lizards tend to favor these devices for shelter and breeding purposes during bad weather. Ants have been known to cause severe damage to these devices as well.

3. Ensure that Everyone knows how to Use the Alarm System

When a home alarm system hasn’t been used much in a while, it’s easy for family members to forget how it works. As such, this is also a good time of year to give everyone in the house a refresher course regarding how to arm and disarm the alarm system, and also activate a panic button in case of emergency.

While testing your alarm system, it’s also a good idea to practice a basic evacuation drill. This will ensure that everyone living in your home know how to exit the property in the event of a fire or other emergency situation occurring. If there are elderly persons or young children in your home, this must be taken into consideration when developing the evacuation plan.

If you’ve discovered that part or all of your alarm system is not functioning, as it should after everything has been tested, it’s essential to notify your security services provider immediately. This will allow an appointment to be scheduled for a technical team to visit your home, assess your setup and provide recommendations. If you would like to upgrade your existing home alarm system or have one installed for the first time, contact us today.

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