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Why Video Surveillance is the Ultimate in Business SecurityDecember 19, 2017

Video surveillance has become an essential tool in most business environments today. Take a look at the many benefits your business will enjoy when using this to improve security levels.

1. Reduce Employee and Consumer Theft Levels

Each year, more than 275 instances of retail and business-related theft are reported globally. With less than 1 in 50 cases leading to an arrest, this trend costs retailers and other business owners billions of dollars in losses.

One of the main benefits of using video surveillance in business environments is that they play a large part in reducing theft levels – both by employees and customers (in the case of retail stores). If you have had doubts about employees who always seem to need to work late for instance, you will be able to review camera footage afterwards and determine what is happening during those hours.

2. Boost Profit and Productivity

Research has shown that surveillance of employees usually results in a boost in productivity levels and profits. If a manager or supervisor is able to use surveillance footage instead of physically going to inspect employees’ work and levels of production, it will enable them to spend their time on more productive ventures instead – which will in turn further boost productivity levels and profits.

3. Help Employees and Customers Feel Safe

When employees and customers are aware that surveillance cameras are being used in your business premises, it provides them with a sense of security because they know that video footage will be available in the event of anything going wrong. This is especially beneficial to employees who have to work alone over weekends, holidays or late at night.

4. Keep Security Expenses Affordable

Although all businesses require some form of security, many smaller company owners simply cannot afford the cost of hiring guards to protect their properties and/or employees. While a full surveillance system may seem expensive to install initially, it will provide full coverage of activities taking place in a business during and after working hours.

In most cases, simply knowing that there is active surveillance equipment on a business property will be enough to deter all but the most determined of intruders from breaking in.

Choosing the Right Video Surveillance System and Equipment

It is essential to obtain professional advice before having a surveillance system installed for your business. This will ensure that you receive high quality cameras that will record footage in such a way that people’s faces will be clearly recognizable. Cameras should be HD quality and provide at least 1080p functionality for this to take place. It is also crucial to ensure that your surveillance system is installed by a security company that hires experienced and knowledgeable employees.

When having a camera system installed, it is recommended that you spend as much as you can comfortably afford. If you would like to find out more about the various system options that will be suitable for your business, speak with one of our technicians or consultants today.


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