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Video Surveillance

Why Video Surveillance on your Home is ImportantApril 9, 2018

Until a few years ago, video surveillance of homes was something that seemed to come out of a science fiction movie. However, as crime rates have continued rising in most parts of the country, it has become evident that installing monitored camera systems can play a tremendous role in ensuring that homeowners and their families don’t fall prey to burglary or other forms of crime.

#1 – Improve your Existing Alarm System

If you already have an alarm system installed, adding surveillance cameras and monitors to it will enable you to record what takes place in and around your home when you are out and/or when you have someone coming in to care for your children or elderly relatives.

#2 – Reduce your insurance Rates

These days, several alarm companies will not only give you discount on their monitoring fees for having a system installed; if you add a surveillance setup to your existing alarm, it could reduce your insurance premiums even further – in some cases by as much as 25%.

#3 – Monitor your Home from Virtually Anywhere

One of the main benefits of incorporating a video surveillance system to an existing alarm is that it enables you to view any activity that takes place around your home – regardless of where you may be at the time. Installing the corresponding app on your smartphone will enable you to log in and view any activity that is taking place in and around your home from anywhere that has a reliable internet connection. This means that even if you are on vacation in another city or country, you will have the ability to see whether the landscapers have arrived, if your house sitter is making off with your groceries or if an intruder has gained unauthorized access.

#4 – Check in on Family Members or Pets

Another benefit of having a video surveillance system installed in and around your home is that it will enable you to check in on family members who may be at home during the day. Many homeowners use it to ensure that their pets are fine while they are out for the day as well.

Several parents have found that video surveillance provides them with the ideal tool for ensuring that caregivers are following instructions with regards to their children’s or elderly family member’s care while they are unable to be at home as well.

#5 – Video Evidence can be used in Court

In the event that a burglary takes place in your home and you have a video surveillance system in place, activity that has been recorded on it can be used as evidence in court. This means that there is a far stronger chance of a successful conviction being made than if there was no video surveillance available.

An accredited and reputable security company must always install video surveillance systems. If you are a homeowner and you would like to improve the level of security around your property, get in touch with us today.


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