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With Summer upon us, Here are 5 Reasons why Monitored Surveillance can Help Keep your Family Safe at HomeJune 4, 2014

Each year, incidents of burglaries and home invasions rise at alarming rates. Although many people think that this will not happen to them because they live in gated community or an expensive neighborhood and they have an alarm system, nobody is immune to the scourge. Here are a few reasons why more and more home owners are considering the option of installing a good quality home surveillance system.

1. Deter Potential Burglars

As with any situation, prevention is almost always better than cure. Installing a surveillance system in and around your home and advertising the fact will usually deter all but the most brazen and desperate of burglars. It is important to use the best quality cameras you can afford in order to capture as much detail around your property as possible.

2. Provide Court Evidence when Needed

When installing a home surveillance system, many home owners do not think it is necessary to have it record what is happening. However, this is a huge mistake because in cases where burglaries or other crimes may occur, the recordings from a home surveillance setup can actually be used to provide court evidence. If these recordings need to be used as evidence, it important to ensure that they contain accurate date and time stamps as well.

3. Sleep Easier at Night

The arrival of summer usually means that more people sleep with windows and some doors on their homes open. Many burglars count on this fact to gain easy access to these properties while families are asleep. However, if they know that they are being monitored and recorded, they will think twice about targeting that particular property.

4. Monitor your Home while you are not there

In many cases, parents who have to be at work simply do not have anyone they can call on to look after their children during the day. Having a home surveillance system installed will enable these parents to keep an eye on their children as well as the home and surroundings to ensure that everything remains safe and sound until they arrive home again.

5. Use as a Nanny Cam System

With the instances of child neglect and abuse by nannies and other caregivers on the rise each year, more parents would like to be aware of what is happening with their children while they are in the care of others. Having cameras set up in and around the home will enable parents to know what is happening at all times.

When installing a home surveillance system, it is crucial to ensure that the company doing the installation is accredited and reputable. It also does not pay to purchase the cheapest surveillance cameras possible, because these will not be able to provide sufficient details if a burglary occurs and the case goes to court. Top quality cameras will even make allowance for night vision, so it is recommended to purchase the best cameras that you can afford.

Image Source: Flickr/Creative Commons/Frederic BISSON

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