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Burglar Alarm Systems

A professionally installed burglar intruder alarm system by Sentry includes many benefits to homeowners and businesses. Each Sentry burglar alarm system is custom design to tailor your needs not a "one size fits all" like 2 doors and a motion sensor advertised by many national alarm security companies. After all isn't security and safety more important than a "one size fits all"? Let the staff at Sentry assist you with the correct burglar intruder alarm for your needs.

  • Wireless and wired burglar alarms
  • Home and away modes so you have total protection night and day
  • We can monitor who turns your burglar alarm system on or off
  • Need a different security code for the babysitter or new employee? No problem with a Sentry burglar alarm
  • Battery backup in the event of a power failure.
  • All of our systems are monitored at our Central Station.