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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I test my security system?

Make sure you have your account number and password. Call us before you test your system and ask for a central station operator. Turn your system on and allow for the delay period to expire (to be safe wait a total of 2 minutes). When you hear the siren go off wait 30 seconds. Call us back to verify we received the alarm signals (while your alarm system is connected to the central station your telephone may not operate).

What if I set off my alarm by mistake?

If you set off your security alarm system accidentally, we suggest you immediately call us and let us know you are calling in a false alarm.

When I came home this afternoon, my Touchpad was beeping, what does that mean?

All security systems are a little different; however, if your Touchpad is beeping it is trying to notify you of an alarm event or a trouble status of your alarm system.

When your security system's touchpad is beeping, it could be a signal that you incurred a loss of power, an alarm, loss of a device or a transmitter or panel low battery.

Most problems are addressed in your users/owner's manual and can be corrected by you. If you cannot find your user's manual, please contact us so we can order one for you.

My Touchpad is indicating "Batt" or "low battery," what should I do?

Most rechargeable back-up batteries have a life of approximately 3-5 years; however, depending on the amount of times you lose power in your area, the life can extend past 5 years or less in some cases.

If your home or business alarm system is indicating that you have a low battery back-up and you have recently lost power to your control panel, this is normal. It normally takes up to 48 hours for a back-up battery to recover from a power loss. It begins recharging after the power comes back on. Your system touchpad may beep as a reminder, intermittently, until your battery reaches full charge. This usually takes up to 48 hours. You may have to silence your Touchpad during this recharging time numerous times. To do this, follow the instructions in your user's manual or turn your system on and then off again. You may have to input your code and press the off key. Every security alarm system differs as do the steps to silence a low battery indicator.

My smoke detector went off and I cannot clear my keypad.

Most security systems must be reset after a smoke detector goes off. Please refer to your user's manual to find out how to reset your smoke detector by using the Touchpad. Often your code plus off will reset your system.