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Our Company

The Sentry Story

We thank you for taking the time to visit with Sentry via our website. At Sentry we are proud that over 90% of our new alarm system business is referred to us. This says a lot as most of our competitors out spend us in advertising. We prefer to spend money taking care of our customers. For example we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call us, you get us, not some offsite supposed support center or an out of state call center that cannot even pronounce the town you live in correctly. Feel free to give us a test. Call us at 617-532-1013. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

The Sentry Mission

Sentry promises to provide the best possible residential and commercial alarm security products and services available for our clients at affordable and fair rates, be available 24/7 to our clients and we promise to follow the sunset rule which means all calls are returned before the sun sets.

With over 50 years of staff experience we confidently proclaim to be "New England's Premier Alarm Company". While many companies use "slick" company mission statements and mottos, Sentry lives out its mission every day by action not simply words.

What consumers find most interesting about Sentry is our cutting edge technology. As I am sure you noticed on our web site, we really emphasized Sentry Total Connect. This is really awesome as our clients have security and convenience right at their fingertips (smart phone, computer, etc). Consumers want the best (and also deserve the best) and Sentry has again lived up to being New England's Premier Alarm Company.

On behalf of the staff at Sentry I thank you in advance for considering Sentry for your security needs.

James Baker